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Lucy Fitness
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"You cannot look good, go to the gym regularly and cook healthy meals if you have a full time job"

These were my thoughts in 2013. I really wanted to be fit and healthy but I 'knew' I couldn't because I had a full-time job as a lawyer and I needed to prioritise that over everything else.

The whole way through university I had told myself that I didn't have time for fitness and a full-time job and that the only reason that other women looked great was if they did fitness full-time and spent their days in the gym.

The problem was I would eat so well during the week but then blow it all on a weekend and feel so guilty when Monday rolled back around. I would set off again with great intentions but had the same problem week after week.

When it came to fitness I was just as clueless. I would go from cardio machine to machine in the gym, counting and tracking the calories I had burnt. Once I had hit the magic number I would go home.

I didn't lose weight, I didn't good and I really didn't feel good.

I realised that something had to change.  I started to read more and educate myself, I got my personal training qualification. I went through a lot of trial and error but along the way I learnt a lot about why healthy living is so difficult.

As soon as I worked out how to fit fitness into my life everything got better. I had more energy at work, I got rid of the afternoon slumps, I lost weight and toned up and even started to see an outline of a six pack emerging.

Why does this matter to you? Well, not only did I learn tonnes along the way, I also ignited a fire in my belly. A fire that made me want to help women everywhere feel the way I did.

And so that's what I do.

I'm really passionate about showing that people can hold down tough jobs with long hours in the City and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Yes there's a bit of juggling to do and some compromises along the way but I am determined to show that you can live a life of adventure even if only on a weekend.


Lucy x


Check out @lucy_fitness on social media where you'll find Lucy juggling healthy living, a full-time job and - at the weekend - heading off on new adventures, throw in a lively border collie, Gatsby, and you've got Lucy Fitness.

Yorkshire born and bred, Lucy is passionate to show people that you can live a life of adventure without giving up the day job. From this passion #LivingInTheWeekend was born. In the space of just six weeks this year she ran the London marathon, cycled 300km London to Paris in 24 hours and completed an expedition in the Arctic Circle; trekking the mid-section of the Kungsleden - the third group in history to undertake the expedition in winter - and was back at her desk between each trip. In addition to exploring the world on adventures, Lucy is a qualified personal trainer and trains women in London and online helping them to change their mindset around healthy living. Lucy is the co-founder of the Fit Hub, a fitness membership site for women who train together as a community to support each other and in reaching their fitness goals.