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Hiking in Aviemore, Scotland with Border Collie Gatsby

Hiking in Aviemore, Scotland with Border Collie Gatsby

I'm so excited for you to explore my Adventures page. 

What I really want is to show people is that whatever stage you are at in life now, whether you have been active and healthy your whole life or if the adventure thing is new to you, you can create a life you love which is full of adventure, without years of experience and without giving up the day job. For me, I want a life of active adventure, within the realms and normality of a full time job. 

One day I realised that if my life was a book even I wouldn't want to read it. So I changed it.

I discovered that you can enjoy adventures and a career. Something else I realised was that I love planning my adventures and sharing them with other people. When I began to share my adventures over on the blog and on social media lots of other people loved them too and that's when I realised that one of the most powerful things you can give to someone is an idea. So I decided to create a collection of ideas for adventures and ideas for active living which can be done on a budget and in a short period of time and from this #LivingInTheWeekend developed.

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Click on the "Living in the Weekend" button for inspiration for active weekend adventures.

Living In The Weekend shares adventures that can be completed in just a weekend. Living In The Weekend was born out of my desire to live a life of adventure but without giving up the day job. I'm lucky to have a job that I love and a career which I want to develop. At the same time, I don't want life to pass me by. That's why I'm keen to ensure that I can explore as much as I can, even if only on a weekend.

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