On the Rebound

Tomorrow I have been invited to attend the fourth birthday party of Slice Fitness in Parsons Green. As is often the case for me, I unfortunately have a "work thing" and so can't make it. I am particularly gutted this time because to celebrate they have invited Rebound to host one of their classes. I attended a class with Rebound and a whole host of fitness bloggers back in April and absoluely loved it.

Rebounding is a workout on a mini trampoline, or Rebounder and it is SO much fun. We were put through our paces in two differnt class styles. The first was an aerobic workout where we were doing cardio exercises but on the Rebounder. This meant that it was low impact on our joints which is absolutely ideal for someone like me who has a history of knee injuries as the Rebounder absorbs a lot of the weight. The second part of the class was dedicated to demonstrating just how much you can do on a Rebounder. There was a pretty tough abs section which was brilliant. Due to the unstable surface of the Rebounder it means that it's necessary for your core muscles to constantly adjust and try and help you find your balance as you perform the exercises. In additition, we used the Rebounder for a series of arm exercises too. I was really surprised how versitle it was but definitely not surprised how much fun it was. I also got the chance to try it out at BeFit and every single person I saw using them was beaming from ear to ear.

To find out more about Rebound and to find out where you can try a class, visit their website here - plus if you want a Rebounder of your own be sure to enter BLOG20 at the checkout to get a huge 20% off.

Make sure you tag me in your pictures if you give it a go.