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Time to Tri

Lucy WheelerComment
Time to Tri

If you've read my last post you'll know that my next challenge is the Hertfordshire Tri in just under 6 weeks time! It's going to be a big challenge but the perfect pursuit for #MySummerGoal a fun campaign fun by Vitality and something I'll be taking part in along with Jess Ennis-Hill, Jonny Wilkinson and Ellie Simmonds.

I've wanted to take part in a triathlon since I saw Alistair Brownlee take part in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Until now I had been hindered firstly, with the lack of a bike and secondly with self-doubt, that I wasn't good enough to take part in something so complicated. Well I still don't own my own bike and the self-doubt, well it's still there, everyone has it when they try something new, but now I'm going ahead because if I don't try then I run the risk of being one of those people who say, "oh I'd love to do that" but never doing anything about it. The only difference between the people out there doing triathlons already is that they took that first step, they gave it a go and I can't wait to give it a 'tri' too.

The Distance

There are 5 different triathlon distances, the middle of which is the Olympic distance and the race I'm going for - a Standard distance Tri. (The other distances are super-sprint, sprint -then standard - Half Ironman/70.3 and Ironman). I'm not in a place right now where I can prioritise training for an Ironman, which sees competitors take on a 2.4 mile swim (3.86km), a 112 mile bike ride and then to finish all that with a marathon run. If you want inspiration from someone who has done just that, be sure to check out the write-up by my friend Cat who just took on Ironman Austria.

Instead, I'll be doing 1500m swim, 40k bike and a 10k run. 10k is my favourite running distance and so combining this with the swim and the bike too should be fun but a challenge. 

The Time

In terms of women's times for the event the recent Rio 2016 Olympic finisher completed in 1:56:16 with a swim time of 19 minutes, a bike time of just over an hour and a run time of 34 minutes and with minimal transition times. I'm going to put it out there that I'd like a sub 2:30 hour time. That's a pretty epic challenge and realistically 3hrs is more likely but I am so so excited to see what's going to happen and I haven't like this about a challenge since I started training for the marathon.

The Transitions

In addition to researching all of the above, I've also been googling what to do in the transitions between the swim and bike and then bike and run, which I've discovered are known as T1 and T2. I've found some pretty technical resources so far which seem to overcomplicate the process but given I'm a complete newbie I could be wrong.

If any one else fancies it too I'd love to see some friendly faces on the course. If not, be sure to check out Challenge Finder. If you love sports and challenges you're going to love what Challenge Finder is about. What challenge scares you? Why haven't you signed up yet? Do it, go on, I dare you!

Lucy x