Challenge 2018

New Year New You???!!! I'm not sure that I go in for all of that but I do like to set myself some challenges and plan my adventures and so far I have a few for the start of 2018. I also have some personal goals with work and in what I call 'personal admin' (you know like saving money, getting your affairs in order) to hit too.  However, it's the big physical challenges which I am most excited about. I am excited and scared which I think is a good thing.


1. Visit Aviemore via the overnight sleeper - 3rd and 4th February 2018.

This is something I have wanted to do for ages. Apart from booking the overnight sleeper this is still very much in the planning stages so do let me know if you've been up to the Cairngorms before and have any tips on places to do or hikes to try. I'm taking my border collie Gatsby so it will need to be something that he can climb too.

2. Skiing in Morzine - 4th to 11th March 2018

A week skiing and snowboarding in Morzine, France with a huge group of friends in the most gorgeous chalet, I can't think of a much better way to spend a week.

3. Sweden Snowtrek - 19th to 24th March 2018

Oh my gosh I am so excited about this, how incredible does it sound:

In the extreme north of Sweden, 180kms inside the Arctic Circle hides the last remote wilderness in Lapland. Arriving here you will experience the unique home of the Sami people and Kungsleden, the “Kings Trail,” an expansive landscape of birch forests, stunning glaciers, powerful rivers and the highest mountains in Sweden.

Your winter snowshoe expedition begins in Abisko, home to one of Sweden’s oldest National Parks. Abisko is also famous for being one of the best places on earth to view the Aurora (Northern Lights). You will average 14km a day trekking through a spectacular and ever changing landscapes. Each night will be spent in remote artic mountain huts, were you can enjoy a sauna at the end of perfect day of snowshoeing in the Arctic Circle.

This is the perfect opportunity to be an Artic explorer as you will be self-supported, carrying all our own kit of around 12-14kgs for the entire route. A good level of fitness is required and previous trekking experience would be beneficial for you, however you do not need any snowshoeing experience as training will be provided.

For more details about this challenge take a look at the website here.

4. A Big Running Challenge

All will be revealed later this week.

5. Cycle London to Paris in 24 hours - May Bank Holiday Weekend, 5th to 6th May 2018

I don't cycle at all so this is going to be really tough. I went out on my bike for the second time yesterday (I can ride a bike just not this fancy one) and I think I have now sussed out how to use the gears, who knew that a bike had so many gears. I am excited as well as very nervous but with four months to train I am excited, I think. For more details about this challenge take a look at the website here.


More on all of these challenges and the training for them a little later but that's January to May sorted!

Lawyer vs Personal Trainer

One thing I must have been asked 50 times towards the end of last year was whether I am giving up my job as a solicitor to become a full time personal trainer. Whilst I absolutely love supporting, inspiring and guiding people to live a healthy and active lifestyle I also really love my job. I am so incredibly lucky to work in a team who have become more than just colleagues but friends. I've worked in places where people don't even spare the time to say Good Morning, so I know that I'm onto something pretty amazing to work with people who are not only fantastic at their jobs but also help support my crazy challenges. 

That doesn't mean that I am not going to be coaching people. I am SO excited to release my second fitness programme at the end of January 2018. This is something which I have been working on for over 3 months with women's health and fitness trainer Hannah Wilson of Fox Phys, Hannah has years of experience so coupled with my enthusiasm we will be helping a small group of women to change their fitness and nutrition and start feeling fabulous. You can get more information here.

This Blog

Thank you for supporting this blog. Without your readership and support, this wouldn't all happen. It is because of all of you I have got the opportunity to work with brands such as Vitality Health, Salomon, Merrell, Asics, New Balance, The Dogs Trust, Kind Snacks. I promise that I do not take it for granted. In fact, this year I hope to create more helpful and useful content for you. I thought I'd take this opportunity to mention something that I've been thinking about for over 12 months. It might not sound significant but hear me out. I kept thinking about changing the name of the blog and my handles from Lucy Fitness but then I realised that I offer unconventional fitness. Instead of booty shots and videos were a throw myself around in the latest popular gym moves I offer a realistic approach to fitness. The side which isn't hugely edited but involves a lot of early morning starts and after receiving some lovely comments recently about inspiring people who work in the City I feel like if people stumble across this blog looking for the workouts they think they need to do, they'll find me and I'll show you there's more to life than burpees. 

I've also set up a new YouTube channel so that as well as updating this blog weekly (sometimes twice if I can) I will also pop at least one video up a month, more as my editing skills get better and I get quicker.

So all that it is left is for me to wish you a very Happy New Year one which I hope is your best one yet.