7 Tips to Make Healthy Living More Affordable

7 Tips to Make Healthy Living More Affordable

I recently saw a race entry fee for £57. Can you believe that? £57! to run on in places which are normally free and it got me thinking, is living a healthy lifestyle becoming inaccessible for some people? The costs of gyms are sky high and food prices are forever on the increase. Instead of worry too much about aspects I can't control I thought I would share with you 7 top tips to make your money go a little further, and given that it is the first of the month, I thought I might call this Frugal February.

1.       Cancel that gym-membership

You might think that this is a weird suggestion for a fitness blogger but seriously, who needs a gym membershio when you can get outside for free. If you don't use your gym membership, cancel it. In fact, why not cancel all of the subscription packages you don't use - I'm thinking Amazon Prime, ASOS Premier, Skype Premium, Spotify. You might be surprised with how much you could save. You could put the money towards some Dumbbells and a mat, which won't cost you much, and certainly less than a gym. You could swap your gym membership and set up your own home gym.

2.       Cook a double-up

Instead of spending £5 to £10 a day in Pret or other lunch establishments cook an extra portion of food at each meal time and take it for lunch the next day or pop it in the freezer so it's there on those nights when you reeeeallly don't want to cook and a takeaway begins to look like a good option. Not only will you save money but not buying lunch on the go will ensure that you don't make bad food choices. You'll be fuelled for the rest of your day with home cooked, nutritious meals. 

Walking on Bamburgh Beach testing out the Tog 24 Clayton Milatex Jacket

Walking on Bamburgh Beach testing out the Tog 24 Clayton Milatex Jacket

3.       Save weekly for adventures

I would imagine that most people reading this could save £20 a week if they put their mind to it. One less coffee here and there and perhaps remove the temptation to splurge on running and active wear. Did you realise that if you save £20 each week for a year you could save £1,040. That's big money and in real terms that's two holidays or adventures paid for. I've set up a separate bank account and named it "Adventure Fund". Each Friday I send £20 to that account and this Friday we are cashing in and using the money for train tickets up to Aviemore on the overnight sleeper. It's great to be able to do something like that without having to be put off by the cost. 

4.       Walk more

An easy double win here. If you are someone who is guilty of taking the car everywhere or maybe splashing out on an Uber, challenge yourself to walk more. Every time you would have taken the tube or grabbed a taxi pop that money into an account and see how much you save. PLUS, this is the ultimate free workout. The government recommend that we aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. Think how easily you would do that if you switched to walking half an hour every day. 

5.       Take a free gym class

Gym membership is expensive and so are one off classes in boutique gyms. There are however loads of places where you can either have a free trial or get a complementary session. To name a few:

- Adidas Studio in London, do free classes daily and they have awesome trainers. They also have a free run club.

- Asics have a free bootcamp on Mondays

- Speedflex offer a two week trial of their classes in London and Newcastle and you can see how I got on at my free class here.

- Sweaty Betty offer yoga and pilates across stores nationwide, they also both have a runclub. Lululemon offer the same in London

- OurParks also offer free outside classes and I have previously written about them here.

Gatbsy overlooking the Farne Islands

Gatbsy overlooking the Farne Islands

6.       Get designer gear from Start Fitness

Buying new workout gear is exciting and motivating, until you see your bank statement. I've mentioned them a few times on the blog before but Start Fitness always have fantastic kit at really reasonable prices. I buy my kit from there and recommend them to all of my friends. This is not  a sponsored post I just really rate them. You also get 10% off your first order.

7.       Travel using a Two Together Travel Card.

I am a big advocate of making the most of your weekends #LivingInTheWeekend What better way to do this than to zip off and explore somewhere new with your friends and family. Did you know that National Rail now offer a discount voucher for any two people who travel together. You don't have to be at university or a certain age. The card is £30 and it gives you a third off rail fares which can lead to some epic savings if your going far.

So that's it. A very different blog post to normal but I am really passionate about helping people to live their best lives. These little tips won't make you a millionare overnight but they will help to keep you active, eat better and reduce your money worries, and surely that's got to be worth quite a bit.

Feel free to share any of your own money saving tips especially if they lead to healthy living.

Lucy x

The photographs in this piece are all taken on Bamburgh Beach in collaboration with Tog 24. You can shop the coat here. We stayed in Friar's Farm Cottage which I highly recommend that you check out here.

Bamburgh Beach with Gatsby wearing Tog 24

Bamburgh Beach with Gatsby wearing Tog 24