How to live a life of adventure without leaving the 9-5

How to live a life of adventure without leaving your 9-5


Looking at my social media you might think that I live a life of adventure full time particularly this month as I have been away for more than half of it.

The reality is that I have a full-time job as a lawyer in London. Yep, I work in an office for much of the week but I've learnt a few tricks to ensure that I can pack in as many adventures as possible.

Tips to maximise your time out of the office and in the mountains

Here's how you can do the same:

1. Utilise your weekend 

I created the hashtag #LivingInTheWeekend to share it on pictures of my adventures that take place in just a weekend. The hope being that I would inspire other people to make the most of the time between 5pm on a Friday and 9am on a Monday. Earlier this year I caught the overnight sleeper to Aviemore at 9:15pm Friday evening. The train drops you in Aviemore at 7:30am on Saturday. We had two full days before heading back into work on the Monday morning. The Caledonian Sleeper stops all over Scotland so it's pretty easy to climb a few mountains and be back at your desk for Monday morning.

2. Take advantage of half-days

Half days off allow you to get further and explore more but still provide FaceTime in the office. Or work from home/remotely as a half day on a Friday and Monday and you get jet off on a Thursday and return back to work Tuesday morning. Working in this way requires honesty and integrity and a lot of focus. Luckily in my job we record all of our time which really helps keep me accountable and focussed. It's amazing how much more efficient you are when an adventure awaits.

3. Work from home  

More and more companies are looking to reduce their overheads and their office footprint. It won't be possible to work from home every day but when you're planning an adventure arrange to work from home the day you leave and the day you return. Most bosses are pretty great and will allow you to work 8-4pm and get away early. If this isn't something your company usually does just ask, the worst they can say is no but as long as you are honest and work your required hours many businesses will support you.

4. Be savvy with when you use your holiday

Did you know that if you're strategic with when you take your leave you can almost double your days?! For example if you take 23 Dec to 1 Jan, 24 March to 8 April and 5 May to 28 May you'll get 50 days off for only 25 days leave. Christmas is the one which makes a big difference where some years you only need to book 3 days to get 10 days out of the office and more importantly this allows you to save days for other times in the  year. In August this year you can get a 9 day break using just 4 days leave, from 25 August to 9 September.

5. Plan 4 trips for the year

I once heard Terry Wogan chatting on Radio 2 about how action packed his show seemed to be. Terry explained that in reality they only had 4 big features each year but they talked them up, enjoyed them and then talked them down. Planning your adventures like this means that you can look back on your year with four incredible sets of memories.

What have you got planned for 2018? I'd love to know how you make the most out of your days away from work.

Lucy x