Marathon tips from marathon runners

So I may have mentioned once or twice (okay at least 10 times) that I’m running the London Marathon this year with New Balance. New Balance are the title sponsor for the event this year for the first time! I’m super excited to run and it’s taking up pretty much all of my headspace at the moment. The period of time a few weeks out from a marathon is crucial but before sharing my tips for the big day I wanted to find out what advice other people had to share.


In preparation for writing this post I called on Twitter runners for their thoughts. They came out in droves and my question got over 110 responses! You can read them all here.


Marathons are incredible experiences, each race is different and each person running the same race will have different experiences. I’ve worked my way through all of the comments and pulled out the 7 responses which I think will offer the greatest help. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro a marathon is not to be underestimated and there is still plenty to learn. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

1. From Steve G @stevegaughan1 - Buy Vaseline! 

2. Faisal Ali @falidude - Don't focus on getting a good time. Enjoy the experience.

3. I love everything about this from @DavidSwiat - Dedicate each of the last couple of miles to loved ones past and present and you will find extra strength and don't trust a fart after 20 miles

4. @nathrun88 said - Get excited!! Feel excited, all of the hard work is done, now start counting down the days to the race and look forward to getting to the start line.

5. Love these three tips from @RunnersKnees - It is not just true for marathons but 1) don't go off too fast, 2) don't try anything new on the day - kitwise or nutrionwise and mainly 3) just enjoy it, slow down when you have to, enjoy the crowds and the day #ukrunchat

6. @MilkE73 suggested - Don't stress about it - sometimes life, injuries, illness, etc get in  the way. You can't change the unchangeables. Nor can you catch up on missed sessions - especially so close to race day. Trust in all the good sessions you *did* do!  #RunStrong 

7. Really love this as it is so true from The Ordinary Runner @PaulWillis76 - Don't panic. You can't nail your marathon training in the last month but you can ruin it. Don't over train, don't get injured and don't worry ... you will make it! 

8. Particularly like the last part of this, goosebump inducing post by Katarina Smart @theredkatblue - Pace yourself. It might be a race but it's more [a] race against yourself than anything else. You won't win if you go out too hard, as tempting as it might be to keep up with others. The feeling of achievement once done is truly amazing!

9. Yes Yes Yes Becky this is so true @beckyboo_h - First half me sensible, second half be strong

10. And finally, the key thing you need to prepare for mentally is that final hour. Rich said @RichKingston73 - 20 miles is halfway. It's all mental

I would love to hear any more tips below so feel free to share them in the comments.

Lucy x