What’s next? L2P!

One hard thing about going on incredible adventures is the feeling afterwards when it’s over. I’ve found that the best way to stop those post-event blues is to always have something else in the diary. Next up for me ... cycling London to Paris in 24 hours.


Me & Cycling  

I’ll forgive you if you’re reading this and thinking, “I didn’t realise Lucy was a cyclist”. Well you’d sort of be right. You know that thing people say about running where if you run you’re a runner. Well I’m not so sure that applies in the world of cycling. Regardless, here I am a week out from the challenge and I’m still not a really a cyclist. I got a mountain bike for my birthday in October and thought cycling London to Paris sounded like a great challenge! I went on two rides on my bike at the end of 2017 and added, “practice cycling” to my to do list for 2018.

Fast forward 4 months, with weekend adventures to Aviemore, Gatsby’s operation, skiing, an expedition to the Arctic and training for the marathon it’s been sort of hard to fit the cycling in. I also realised that road bikes and mountain bikes are two totally different things so the Cube is staying at home and I am borrowing a road bike which I have ridden three times. I’ll be trialling cleats for the first time this Sunday (and every night next week). You might say I’ve taken on too much or I’m not well prepared enough but do you know what, sometimes you’ve just got to jump and learn how to fly on the way down.

 Anyway, on to the challenge!!

Cycling London to Paris in 24 hours

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Not only am I cycling to Paris on a borrowed road bike I’m also going to attempt to get there in under 24 hours.

I’ll be joining an annual sportive with about 100 other riders at Greenwich Park, London next Saturday afternoon. From there we’ll cycle 100km down to Newhaven. The ferry will take us from Newhaven to Dieppe, France where we will arrive at 4am. Then it’s all speed ahead to the cheese and red wine waiting at the Eiffel Tower. 

Am I scared? Yes. Am I nervous? Of course. Am I ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Hell yes!! 

If you have any tips about cycling please please put them in the comments below, I need as much help as I can get and I really appreciate the advice. 

Lucy x