Training Fuel: 9 Foodie Fixes For Busy City Workers

Working in the City is busy enough and there is no way anyone wants to add a complicated eating regime to that. For years when I was training to be a lawyer I used to think that I didn’t have time to prioritise healthy food and I’d often “treat myself” to a family size box of Malteasers if I had to work late (which at times was every night of the week). I totally missed the point that eating healthily would make me more productive and less tired and I had absolutely zero idea how to eat well without spending either a lot of money or expending a lot of brain power in the process. I wanted simple healthy quick fixes. Now I have them I’m sharing my 9 tips with you:

1. Train and eat smart

Eat more on active days, on days when you move more eat more on days when you’re sat at your desk eat less. On days when you work out try and eat protein (for muscle repair) and carbohydrates (for energy) e.g. if you workout in a morning eat scrambled eggs with a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast. On days when you don’t train a banana and yoghurt is a great option.

2. If you don’t want to eat breakfast don’t

Who was it that said “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? There is no scientific research to show that people who eat breakfast are healthier or lose weight quicker. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast and find yourself choosing less healthy options because you’re on the go then try skipping your morning meal and eat later.

3. Look at your overall movement and nutrition weekly rather than daily

We all have stressful days at work and sometimes we just grab what we can. Try not to worry about each day individual day too much and instead look at your calories over a week. Some days you may have a lunch meeting and eat more than usual, that’s fine, just cut back on breakfast that morning and have a lighter dinner that evening.


I've created these tips in collaboration with Nutrifix; the healthy eating App that puts nutritional information in the palm of your hand when you're on the go. To read the remaining tips visit their website and read them here. Before you do, be sure to grab their free App here.

Lucy x