5 ways to squeeze adventure around your 9-5

What would you say if I told you that you could have an incredible adventure in just 16 hours? What if I told you that those 16 hours were between 5pm and 9am on a weekday?

I know I would be totally sceptical too but if you follow me on Instagram you'll know that earlier this month I did just that. Here's what happened.

- This post is created in collaboration with Wiggle. Wiggle now stock all of my favourite outdoor brands at competitive prices so it made sense to me to work with them to showcase what they have to offer. All  of the photographs in this piece are by James Carnegie


Mid-week Microadventure

I can't resist a challenge and when Wiggle suggested that I tried an after work camping micro-adventure I knew I should give it some thought. Before I knew it I was heading out of work one Thursday afternoon and instead of turning for home I met up with friends at Charing Cross train station and was quickly heading south out of London for Battle (the site of the 1066 battle) The adventure had begun!

Wiggle Outdoors Icebreaker Tee

We arrived in Battle a little over an hour later. The sun was still shining brightly and we set off on a hike to the campsite. We were greeted by fantastic views and it was the perfect way to let all of the stresses of the working day slip away and get moving after sitting at a desk all day.

After about a 90 minute hike we arrived at the campsite and set up our tents as the sun was setting. After filling our bellies with a delicious chilli we burst out the marshmallows and blocks of chocolate and put the world to rights. Chatting everything about adventures past and adventures still to come.

We were up bright and early with our tents down and packed by 6am. After a short hike around a local reservoir we were on the platform for just after 7am waiting for the commuter train heading back to London.

Wiggle 6am series microadventure

From shoes, to shorts, to tents and rucksacks, you can find them all at wiggle.com



Tips for having your own micro-adventure

Fancy an after work micro-adventure yourself, here are a few tips:

1. Add more adventure by visiting somewhere you've never been before. I recommend somewhere about an hour from the office.

2. Get your friends involved, chatting around a campfire is the perfect way to catch up and to make new memories.

3. Check out Wiggle.com you may think of them for cycling kit but they now stock everything from walking socks to tents and even camping kit.

4. Plan your adventure nearer the end of the week, it means you've got something to look forward to and haven't got a busy week ahead.

5. Don't let having a full time job or a family prevent you from having an adventure. Grab the kids and the dog on the way home from work. Life is all about the moments which happen between 5pm and 9am.

Thanks again Brandnation for an awesome microadventure!

Jack Wolfskin Gossamer Tent available at wiggle.com

Jack Wolfskin Gossamer Tent available at wiggle.com