A New Type of Challenge

Personal Training - Where to start?

For the last few months I have been searching the internet looking at personal training courses. I've wanted to train to become a personal trainer for a while, not so that I can change career right now, I love my job as a lawyer. I mostly want the qualification so that when people ask me questions about diet and training I can answer confidently. 

I am in a unique but incredible position whereby I have a pretty large following on social media and I regularly get asked questions about training programmes and which exercises I would recommend to run faster/lose weight/get lean. Right now, although I often know the answer I often refer people on to someone who is trained to give the advice. To become a lawyer I was at university and law college for over four years. Since then I've continually trained on the job and learnt way more than you could ever learn from a textbook. Imagine my surprise then when I found out you could become a personal trainer by home study alone (and by submitting videos/portfolio). I found courses which would let you enrol and take the exam as soon as you were ready, which could have been in just a couple of weeks!!! A couple of weeks to become an expert?! 

What to look for in a personal training course

What I learnt from my research about courses was that there are some questionable PT courses available online. As with most things in life it became clear that the more expensive the course the more you got out of it. I decided that as I felt like I already had a lot of theory based knowledge - because I love training and read a lot - a priority for me would be a course where the instructors actually walked you through the practical elements such as posture and technique. With a full-time job in the City to juggle around a PT course I left the idea after short-listing the top providers.

Training with No.1 Fitness

I couldn't believe my luck when a few weeks later I got an email from the team at No.1 Fitness asking if I'd like to undertake my qualification with them. The No.1 Fitness course ticked all of the boxes for me, it allowed home study AND in person training sessions. Having hands on training and learning by seeing how different people perform different movements, in a group with other people who will also have questions is definitely the best way to learn. 

The next hurdle was could No.1 Fitness Education accommodate my schedule? If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that one of the things I get asked most often is how I fit in a full time job in the City with super long hours, training, my dog Gatsby, adventures and all the other fun stuff life has to offer. Well I'm pleased to say No.1 Fitness fit round my schedule, completely, as in I don't even have to take a single day of annual leave. 

How does the No.1 Fitness Personal Training Course work?

The course is split into two sections: home study and physical in person training. The home study course has 55 modules which are really science heavy, covering all of the functions of the body. There are also modules on delivering content as a PT. The home study is self-taught so you cover the modules in your own time at your own pace. So far I've been fitting the study modules in on evenings and weekends and they are actually SO much fun. I haven't studied any of this stuff since I took GCSE PE and the modules are so cool with videos and pictures so although they are packed with science they are quite easy to watch. They are really easy to access on my phone so I can watch them on my commute to work (If you didn't know already one of my secrets to fitting so much in is utilising my commute)

I am incredibly lucky to have been offered a spot on this course in exchange for sharing my journey to becoming a PT with you here and over on social. If you've got any questions about the course or how it could fit around your schedule drop the guys at No.1 Fitness an email and they'll be able to help you, or if you want to know what the course is like then drop me an email or DM.

I am SO excited to be finishing 2017 with a challenge which isn't just about getting fitter or faster but will stretch me academically too! 

Lucy x