Becoming a PT

As you know I'm currently training to be a PT with No.1 Fitness. Firstly, on a personal note, I'm so pleased to report that last I passed my Level 2 exams and I am now a qualified fitness instructor. 

I have received a couple of questions about the course so I thought I would take the opportunity at the half way stage to answer a few questions:

1. How are you fitting it all in?

The most asked question by far - and to be fair, this is the most asked question by people about everything I do (aside from questions about my dog Gatsby) - as far as this course goes, I'm on the part-time course, which involves distance e-learning and 5 full weekends training in person. I have to admit that despite being sent a chart of how long the e-learning would take I totally underestimated how long it would take. I had thought that I would pick up the materials quickly and I think I have done so relatively quickly there are no short cuts. You have to watch each online module in order, slide after slide. There is no way to speed it up and so it will take 55 hours. I had thought there would be an element of self-study reading which I could accelerate through, there isn't.

2. Are you enjoying it?

This is the question my mum asks me every week and the answer every week is a huge yes. In fact if I am honest I am enjoying it more than I thought I would. The tutors are really passionate and although the days are long they go so quickly as we put into action the theory we have learnt. 

3. Do you just make up workouts?

Not exactly, there is a lot more to it than that. We started off the practical course learning how to do the five big lifts. I am not sure I even knew that there were five big lifts when I started this course. In addition to learning safe technique we also learn about how to get results and transformations for clients. How to structure their week in terms of workouts and what their nutritional intake will look like. One of my favourite parts of the course so far has been working on the initial consultation; I know that it will be so effective to help people find their "why" and go from there. 

4. Have you already done Level 1?

I posted on Instagram about passing my level 2 qualification and someone said I had done level 1 really quickly. The truth is, there is no level 1. The course starts at level 2 following the successful completion of which you become a fitness instructor and then you can move on to level 3.

5. Are you quitting being a lawyer?

Nope. I have no plans to quit my day job.

6. Do you have to have any other qualifications?

This is sort of similar to question 4 above but in terms of prerequisites for the course there aren't actually any. It would really help if you have some experience of training in a gym; common exercises, names of machines etc but you cover it all on the course so there is no need to have any prior knowledge.

In summary, I am loving the course. If I am completely honest it is a lot harder and more involved than I thought it would be. The online modules are pretty intense. I had know idea how science based it would be. Although the online training guides you through each module bit by bit I had not appreciated that I would be learning about muscle attachments and insertions or about the detailed working of the endocrine system. I love watching the modules but it is heavy going. 

Lucy x