Why You Should Ditch The Gym And Get Outside

Ditch the gym and get outside  

There are two things that I love and I feel passionately about sharing: the first is my love of the outdoors, I love how being outdoors can make you feel - strangely peaceful, very small and massively in awe and inspired. Secondly I love how being active can make you feel - strong, healthy and at times a bit of a badass. It comes as no surprise therefore that inspiring people to combine the two is top of my priority list. Forget running on a treadmill and going nowhere or queuing for a machine or the weights you want in the gym. Getting active outdoors is relatively simple and best of all it's free. 

Trail Running with your Dog


Running outside is so much easier and much more fun than running on a treadmill. Try incorparting these into your walk:

  • pick a line of trees, sprint to the furthest tree, say 100m away and touch the floor and then turn. If you're with your dog be sure to race each other.
  • side-step for 10 seconds, touch the floor and then change direction
  • whilst running, add in 10 seconds high knees, then 10 seconds kicking your heels to your bum and repeat twice more, so a minute in total. 
  • chase and race, if you've got a four legged companion you'll be used to doing this. 

Strength exercises

If you're training with a dog you'll need to keep the exercise bursts short so I recommend making them intense. Try super sets (two exercises together) where possible get your dog involved too, e.g. Jumping up or get them to focus and sit or lie down so that you are still interacting with them. These sunsets are great:

  • 8 x step-ups and 8 x box (tree stump) jumps
  •  8 x Bulgarian split squats (using a bench to elevate the back foot) and 8 x walking lunges
  • 8 x split jumps (jump down from a log or bench with your feet going either side and jump back up)  and 8 x dynamic lunge hops
  • 8 x inverted press-ups (with your feet elevated and 8 x triceps dips
LucyandGatsby-Scenic View 2.jpg

Before embarking any any new exercise programme which involves you increasing the amount of exercise you do you should seek advice from a qualified professional either a PT or if you have any health concerns a GP.

Similarly, you need to be careful when increasing exercise levels of your dog and you should speak to your vet if you have any questions.

I'm a qualified personal trainer with a passion for the outdoors. If you would like a bespoke outdoor workout programme to help you to lose weight and develop muscle tone feel free to drop me an email lucyfitness@icloud.com