3 Tips To Avoid Adventure Burn Out

3 Tips To Avoid Adventure Burn Out

Have you ever thought that you might be doing too much? Spreading yourself too thin?

In the adventure world there is a tendency to always be off on an adventure. As soon as you finish one challenge people ask "What's next?". You move from challenge to challenge like some sort of roller-coaster riding the adrenaline highs of the achievement and experience but after a while feeling a little flat.

It's the same with fitness.

We're constantly being bombarded with pressure to lose a bit more weight and eat healthier, to be better than we were yesterday and to try the latest fitness trend.

It's exhausting.

One thing which forms the foundation of everything I promote is that less is more. I thought you might enjoy my tips on how to juggle it all and achieve without spreading yourself too thin:

1. Talk it up and talk it down - whether it's adventure or just making sure you're living a life you love, my favourite way to make sure I am not just sitting inside watching Netflix every weekend is to plan 4 things each year. I spend a month talking them up, a month with the experience and a month talking them down. Then I move on. It allows for planning at the start and rest at the end and most importantly this approach means that December doesn't creep around and you realise you haven't done anything fun this year.

2Cut the fat - this approach is a little bit ruthless and not for everyone but don't waste your time doing things that light you up. That pilates class you hate going to, stop going. Those acquaintances you catch up with from two jobs ago - stop hanging out. That relationship you keep going back to ... well in the words of Elsa, Let It Go (if you know, you know). Don't force things which you don't enjoy. 

3. Live in the moment - one thing I see a lot of is that people are so focussed on planning where they want to be and where they are going and their next big achievement that they forget to appreciate everything they do have. We can all become so consumed with wanting more and being better that we forget that we have so much already and that where we are is actually good enough.

Fancy a challenge?

This weekend, I want you to put your phone away and enjoy living in the moment. Easy you say? Well I want you to get in touch either on social media @lucy_fitness or drop me an email on lucyfitness@icloud.com Let me know what you have planned for the weekend, how you're going to switch off to switch on and switch up to a higher level. I always reply to every message and email I get and I love hearing what you're doing.

I really hope that you give 'less is more' a chance.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lucy x

P.s. "Live in the moment. The here and the now. Tomorrow's worries are for tomorrow, today, go climb the goddamn mountain" Lucy Wheeler, 2019 (that's me by the way!)