Get There

Not all adventures need to involve foreign countries and never-before concurred mountains. You can push yourself and explore new places every day, here's how I get there:

Wiggle The North Face Apex Flex


I wake up and look at my phone. It’s 5:25 and I do not want to get up. I feel tired, exhausted and like I need another two hours sleep.

I pull back the duvet and leave the room quietly so not to disturb the peace. My kit is laid in a pile ready and I pull it on. I know it will do its job so that’s one less thing to worry about. I’m out of the door within 5 minutes of waking and now striding down my street with a four-legged side-kick in tow.

The village is quiet, sleeping, as I head for the fields the sun begins to brighten. The path narrows and we squeeze through the opening to the field trying to avoid the spider's web which has formed overnight. We pick up the pace a little and start to jog steadily, no pressure, no stop-watch, just running, just because.

We pass row upon row of corn crops waving lightly in the breeze and press-on towards the opening of the woods. We pause and walk, this is the part we love, we want to savour the moment. The sun is beginning to pour through the roof canopy of the trees, piercing gold funnels of light. We start to wind through the trees making our own path and begin to climb. The terrain is unreliable but my shoes aren’t, I trust them and race to the top of a knoll, I don’t falter. I continue and run down the other side deeper into the woods, winding through the trees jumping over a fallen a log as I go.

Up ahead there are two routes; a gentle path that skirts the edge of the hill and a route which climbs straight ahead and up. I start climbing. I keep a good pace but it’s tough. I can feel it in my legs now but I press on, the summit is in sight. Just when I feel like I need to stop I push on and I’m there; the highest spot, the most awesome look out, I’ve made it. It’s moments like this that make that early alarm so incredibly worth it. I take a deep breath, take it all in and turn and head for home.

Wiggle Outdoor Women's The North Face
Lucy Fitness & Gatsby The North Face Apex


Wiggle Get There

I wrote this piece in collaboration with Wiggle as part of their campaign to inspire everyone to find their Get There moment. Did you know that you can buy outdoor kit from Wiggle now too? You can discover the new outdoor collection and prepare for your next adventure at

Here are a few pieces which you might like to check out first. I have The North Face Apex Flex in two colours and love it. The Icebreaker tee is super soft and fits really nicely; by which I mean not too baggy not too tight. The Berghaus Explorer Active GTX shoes were possibly the most comfortable shoes straight out of the box and after several hikes I can confirm that they are performing without falter. Let me know if you try any of the suggestions below and keep your eyes peeled for photos of them in my social posts.

Climbing in Berghaus GTX Shoes
Wiggle Get There Berghaus Fast Hike