Guest Post - A dietician with flu

Something a little bit different .... One of my best friends is a registered dietician and so as she was facing her third day on the sofa today watching Philip and Holly I asked her to write something for the blog, this is her unedited piece, I hope you like it.

A half marathon training dietitian with flu

Since Sunday morning I have been stapled to my sofa, watching more episodes of supermarket sweep than is healthy, used 4 toilet rolls to blow my nose on (can't move to buy tissues) and haven't seen a human (other than Dale Winton) since Saturday evening. It's weird because I never am very good at doing a "big shop" but Sunday morning before the girl flu struck I went to Tescos and spent £26 which to me constitutes a big shop! I obviously knew something was brewing so got the rations in. Included in my shop was chicken, bagels, vegetables and yogurt, none of which I have eaten, but also was 4 pints of milk, a box of Alpen and a box of Frosties, and if it hadn't been for them I don't know what would have happened!! 

So in the last 4 days this dietitian has eaten Alpen, soup, Alpen, soup, Frosties, Frosties, soup, Alpen, Frosties and now it's now and I'm contemplating Alpen or soup for lunch... shock!! I must also admit I have not only been eaten Frosties as a meal but they also work as an afternoon snack out the box, using your duvet as a plate.

My job focuses around delivering 12 week weight loss programmes for overweight adults in London. One thing I always focus on with my groups is how to deal with set backs, so this week I will be taking my own advice and reminding myself IT DOESN'T MATTER!! I am training for my first half marathon at the moment and so far I have managed one week on and one week off (only two weeks ago I had a huge head cold which meant I still worked but couldn't run). Luckily I gave myself a few weeks as a buffer so hopefully next week I can crack on and I am confident I will still hit my target of running the hackney half in April. Not running this week DOESN'T MATTER EITHER!!! The most important thing is to do what you need to do to feel better and get yourself happy as soon as possible. If you're happy you are more motivated and if you're motivated your goals can be achieved! Today I am feeling slightly better and therefore slightly happier and therefore slightly more motivated!  I will be taking this story to my groups when I am back at work. I'll ask them do you think my fitness or weight has been affected long term by surviving on Frosties and other equally non-nutritious foods for the best part of a week? The answer? NO! The key is not allowing yourself to fall prey to the spiral of negative thoughts. Draw a line. Move on. Get over it!! And I know when I next eat a sandwich or go for a run I will be as happy as Lucy Fitness when she is with Gatsby!!