How to Hygge

Hygge is about cherishing yourself and about making time to enjoy everyday pleasures. Hygge prioritises experiences over things.

Hygge is a concept I love. As noted above it encompasses an everyday approach to living and focuses on living in the moment. Nestled up under a blanket in front of a roaring fire, that's Hygge. Snuggling up on a window seat to get lost in a novel, that's Hygge. The Danes are world renowned for being a "happy" nation. So after hearing about the Danish way of living - Hygge - a few months ago I was eager to find out more.

For Christmas I received a copy of "Hygge - A celebration of simple pleasures" by Charlotte Abrahams. The book describes the hyggelig life and after reading the first few chapters I have a strong feeling that Hygge is going to be one of the big lifestyle choices for 2017.

The book considers all aspects of a Hygge: cooking, family life, celebrating the simple, focussing on the moment and although the content isn't ground breaking in fact the simplicity is refreshing. This is part of it's appeal, it's something everyone can embrace and there are a number of aspects which I already do, without even realising they're hyggelig (love that word) and the rest of them are definitely something I'm going to actively incorporate into my lifestyle.

Take for example: eating and entertaining hygge-style. Eating with friends and family is the epitome of Hygge. One important factor is that you are not pressed for time or under any pressure to hurry. Occasions are to be stress-free and relaxed and this is achieved by sharing the workload, keeping food simple and not pandering to guests ("fussy food preferences are rather frowned upon")

More broadly, the Hygge concept is something I'm really focussing on for 2017. I'm trying to consciously stop thinking about work and "switch-off", something, if I'm honest, I find hard t

Hygge is about enjoying the moment and feeling content in that moment. It's about taking an active part in your own enjoyment - you're not just doing it to relax or pass the time, but as a way of being present.

My granddad used to say "Strive to be happy" and I'm not sure I ever fully understood that until now. Hygge is about being in the moment and enjoying the moment but not in a passive way, instead it's as my granddad suggested, you have to actively be happy. In the Hygge lifestyle this is by appreciating simple pleasures.

Whilst writing this blog post I had a think about the Hygge things I like. My simple pleasures are fresh White Company bedding, cosy cashmere socks, delicious chocolate and relaxing candles and fragrances. I would love to hear what Hygge means to you. Get in touch in the comments below or via Twitter and Instagram @lucy_fitness. Until then enjoy being Hyggelig.

Lucy x

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