Chase your dreams ... or they'll chase you

What do you do if you realise you aren't living your dreams?

It's a year on since the adventure of a lifetime and this time last year I felt like I was starting something new and exciting and that I would change my life forever. And it did. I left London and took a chance moving out to the countryside. In two weeks time I would be setting off to climb Kilimanjaro and boy was that an adventure of a lifetime. Since then I bought the house I was renting, went skiing, climbed Snowdon, trained for and ran the London Marathon, ran Tough Mudder and then reality hit... I slowed down. I turned back into the girl I was 18 months ago. The girl who always put work first.

The reality is ladies and gentlemen that although this time last year I had big dreams that things were going to change, if I'm honest they haven't. I switched law firms on the understanding that I would earn less but get more free time. Instead, I still work just as hard, I still work weekends and I still wake up at 5am worrying about work. If you're reading that thinking, "welcome to the club" well I'm sorry I don't want to be in that club. I posted this on Instagram and the beginning of the year. I think it's time to start a new chapter and I think I need your help.

If My Life Was A Book.png

The next chapter

Recently opportunities have been coming my way and I have been turning them down or just looking at them as lovely coincidences. However, as I finally realise that my job doesn't actually make me happy - it's fine and it doesn't make me unhappy anymore, which it really used to before I switched firms, but that's not the same as a job making you happy - I know that I need to face my fear and take a leap. I have an idea of something that I do want to do, that makes me happy, that I'm passionate about. That makes me want to jump out of bed in a morning.

Over the past three months a number of people have crossed my path and made an incredible impact and I've been given opportunities to get qualifications which has now put me in a position where my dream life is right in front of me and I can't ignore it anymore.

I've been working on plans for a while to launch an online training programme. Something that would be way more than just your average 12 week plan but a place to learn and be trained alongside a trainer (me) in a way which meant that you would be accountable. I have created a programme which will suit real life women, women who have jobs and families and who don't have time to hang out in the gym all day. There is a massive section about nutrition in the programme but there isn't a restrictive diet plan. The programme also includes a lot of mindset. I will help you to believe in yourself and go out and start living the life you deserve.

What makes this plan different from all the others?

How do I know this plan will work? Because I've lived it. I've been the girl that skipped meals, the girl who got home from work and had to sit down because she thought she'd faint after eating not very much all day and then stuffing her face with three chocolate bars on the way home. I've been the girl who couldn't name a single piece of equipment in the gym and just sort of wondered around doing a bit on the cross-trainer and the running machine and not really enjoying it but knowing that I had an event coming up and I needed to lose weight fast. Surprise, surprise that didn't work and I felt bloated and uncomfortable all of the time.

If you've tried all of the diets in the book, you've tried the diets out the book, you've even tried eating the book and it tasted better than most of the diets then I've my programme is for you.

I would really appreciate your support with this new project so if you are a lady who fits the above description, if you're sick of feeling frumpy and tired and you're in an endless cycle of faddy diets, quick fixes and you always end up back at square one then I would really love to hear from you. Please click the box people and I will send you more details about the programme. If the above description doesn't sound like you but you know of someone who might be interested please send them the link to this page.

Thank you everyone for your support. Now starts the beginning of a new chapter.

Lucy x