Priorities - Can you have it all?

If you've been following me for a while you'll have spotted a recent change in what I post about. This post isn't about that big race on the horizon and so I won't even use the M word, but by juggling more balls in an already busy schedule it made me think, can you have it all?

"How badly do you want it?"

When you think about it, life is always about priorities. There's a quote "how badly do you really want it?" that's not just a (slightly annoying) motivational quote it's a real question that should be followed up with "in comparison with everything else you have in your life". Perhaps it's time to start playing a serious game of "would you rather" for life. Would you rather get a GFA time in the marathon or do well at work and secure a bonus and be able to go on a year's worth of adventures?

I massively appreciate how lucky I am. I have worked hard in my career and trained for years through university and post-graduate courses to be able to call myself a lawyer. I have a demanding job in the City which I love but it's a constant juggle, would I rather stay at work a couple of extra hours every day and get more done to show that I'm keen and that I love it and that I am one of those people who put the firm first. Or would I rather go for drinks with my friends?

"Would you rather get a good for age marathon time or a promotion at work?"

When my alarm goes off in a morning would I rather have an extra hour in bed (does extra sleep mean better performance at work?) or go out and train to ensure that I stay fit and healthy. Whether I care to admit it now that I have just turned 30 it's harder to stay fit and healthy. I'm not sure about you but as I get older I've begun to realise it's more important that we take time to look after ourselves.

So what have I learnt? Can we have it all? To a certain extent yes. It is possible to use the hours in each day to the maximum potential. Save time on things like cooking healthy meals for lunch and dinner by doubling up and utilising your freezer. Where possible complete tasks on your commute.

However, you do have to carefully choose what it is you want to prioritise. The choices and sacrifices you make might not give you the results you want. I get a lot of satisfaction by doing well at work. I work hard because I enjoy it. I love doing the job and I love that I continue to learn. On the other hand I get upset when I see pictures on social media of events that I've missed because I've stayed late at work. In addition, there is only so long you physically cope with a gruelling schedule. Whenever I stopI tend to miss the first couple of days of any holiday from sheer exhaustion. I constantly have a sleep deficit and can never catch up. One big way to save time is to focus on things that give you the greatest return like spending time with friends and family. Social media is such a time zapping activity. I think to myself, I'll just have a look on Instagram for 20 mins, half an hour - alright I'm not fooling anyone - an hour later I'm still there reading about people's lives who I don't know, is my life really getting enhanced by reading about what flavour nut butter someone has on their breakfast?

That's why I changed my Instagram. I had built up a huge following of people as I documented my healthy eating journey. I started my account to help keep myself on track and I love now that I can help show that you can eat well with a busy schedule. I'm now using the platform to try and inspire people to live life to the full. By looking after by body and fuelling it well I have lots of energy to go out and take on new challenges and see new places. I've decided that I don't need to save time I just need to utilise the time I've got. By the end of the year Instagram won't be the huge hub it is now, people will have gone elsewhere (you heard it here first, prediction 23 February 2017). With that in mind and in order to get a better grasp on reality and step outside the all consuming social media bubble, you can find me investing time in work, in my family life and new home and taking on mini-adventures. Yes, you can have everything, you just need to make sure you give your time to the right things.