Something Exciting Is Happening

Something Exciting Is Happening

You might have noticed a change over the past few months on Instagram. The pictures of delicious nutritious breakfasts have become fewer and I've been sharing different parts of my life. The reason for this is two-fold:


(1) I have a new job which means I now get up at 5:30am and leave the house at 7am. It's still not light at this time so it's almost impossible to get a good snap;

 and closely linked to that ... 

(2) I don't really want to. 


I love eating my eggs but whereas I used to post pictures of food and my meals to help keep myself on track and keep myself accountable I don't need that anymore. I now know how to eat well and although I'm still going to eat well, I'm not always going to take a picture of it. Plus, and more importantly for this blog, you don't need it in the same way that you did. 


"Life is about more than poached eggs and avocado on toast"


My account has transformed from something which I did for myself to something I now do to share and inspire others. With that in mind the change has been directed by you. My meals were never sculpted for Instagram, there are plenty of people who have more time than I do for that. However, I know from your comments and DMs and messages from the blog that you don't want picture perfect meals but you do want real life ideas. Quick ideas to make when you get in from work. Healthy filling snacks which are socially acceptable to eat at work and don't cost a fortune - don't worry that content will still be there, but alongside that there's something else that you love and engage with more.

Why the change?

The thing is this year has been the biggest year of my life. Every single aspect of life you can think of has changed for me this year, not all of it through choice, but the things that happened caused me to take a look at my life and whilst on paper I had the whole tick list covered I wasn't happy. So I changed it. Now the important thing to me is ensuring that I live life to the fullest and, without sounding like a meme, make every moment count. 

My Instagram account has begun to create some incredible opportunities and it made me think, what message am I trying to promote? What I actually thought was "what do I want to be remembered for?" I know my sister will cringe at this and say I sound like a loser. Seriously though, I actually thought about it and realised that what I want is for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle because it makes you feel so much better. I want people to know you can eat well and live a busy lifestyle (I used to use long hours in a City job as an excuse) but what I really want is to show people that you can create the life you love whether that's in health or fitness or just any aspect of life. For me, that's a life of active adventure, within the realms of normality of a full time job and when I started posting about that ... everyone loved it. I was going on mini-adventures on a weekend and having a great time. I loved planning them and sharing them and you all loved them too and that's when I realised that one of the most powerful things you can give to someone is an idea. So I decided to create a collection of ideas of adventures and ideas for active living which can be done on a budget and on a weekend.

So where am I going next?

When I first created my website I began compiling recipes but I never finished it. I guess that's because my heart wasn't in it. I wasn't sure that I could offer something that hadn't been done before. Now I've created something which is aligned with what I'm passionate about #LivinigInTheWeekend I'm carefully adding and creating ideas of active adventures of things that can be done in a weekend. Ideas to show that you don't have to give up your home and your career to enjoy some amazing adventures. I'm a real person. What you see on Instagram (although only ever a snapshot) is real life. I don't spend my days going to brunch or taking mid-afternoon gym classes. I get up early and I work hard to progress in a professional career. But I also have big dreams to travel the world and see as much of it as I can, whether that's the beaches of Norfolk or the mountains in Canada. What I really want is for other people to see how easy and inexpensive micro-adventures can be too.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting the gym or throwing my Emma Bridgewater plates in the bin just yet. I'll still be eating well and training hard and sharing how I balance that but now I'll also be including the fun. Every other Sunday I'll be sharing my adventures as part of #LivingIntheweekend I'll be keeping up the regular blogging on active living on Thursdays. I can't wait for you to share in my adventures in 2017 in the hope that you'll be inspired to go and chase a few of your own.

Lucy x