Are you living a life you love?

Last week I was preparing an application to work with a brand who I love - I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to apply for the campaign and this definitely wasn’t something I would have been able to do five years ago - and they asked me to list my sporting achievements.

I quickly jotted down the list and then stopped. I smiled. I realised just how proud I was of me. Not in a self-conceited, arrogant kind of way but in a way that if that was someone else's list I would be so impressed, so why not be proud of myself?

Whilst I can write the above now, if you've followed me for a while you'll know that wasn’t my reality that long ago. This is my list now:

Lucy Wheeler Top 5 Sporting Achievements February 2019:

1. Hiked in the Arctic Circle trekking the central part of the Kungsleden, the third group ever to take on that route in winter
2. Climbed Kilimanjaro in 5 days
3. Ran 250km in 5 days across the desert 
4. Cycled London to Paris in 24 hours
5. Summited 7 of the highest peaks in the Peak District and cycled the distance between them in 36 hours as part of the Peak to Peak to Peak Challenge.

Lucy Wheeler Sporting Achievements September 2016:

1. Paris Marathon
2. Lots of swimming badges back in the day (especially proud of my survival badge when I had to the my pyjamas up in the pool - if you know you know)

I didn’t even have 3 so I guess I could add this too:
3. “She used to do a lot but somehow she lost her way”.

When I saw my 2019 list I knew I had to share it with you alongside my 2016 list and I also knew that I needed to explain how I got from there to here. My life up to the beginning of 2016 was pretty standard. I had gone to school worked hard, passed my exams, gone to university, got a degree and then secured a job. I had done everything society/school/my parents had told me to do but I felt incomplete.

I knew that there was something inside me that didn’t feel quite right. Although I had achieved everything on society’s list, something was missing. I had this feeling that there was more to life than this and that I was made for more.

One day - Lucy Fitness.png

One morning (when taking a picture of my dog Gatsby on the Heath in Blackheath, London - see above) it hit me. My life was boring. I had become one of those people who didn’t have time for frivolity, I was a lawyer in London and couldn’t possibly go on adventures and see the world. That was what other people did, people without full-time jobs and mortgages.

I was wrong.

I had fallen into a trap of telling myself I was too busy to eat healthily, too busy to exercise and too busy for adventures. I had become boring and the worst part was that I wasn’t unhappy but I wasn’t happy either and up until that morning I had never realised that there was a difference.

In the 12 months that followed I took myself from having little-to-no skills or experience to completing more challenges than most people would in a lifetime, whilst still being a lawyer in London, and still having a mortgage.

I worked hard on developing techniques to strengthen my mindset, increase my confidence and no longer let fear get in my way.

The start of the Machame route, Kilimanjaro

The start of the Machame route, Kilimanjaro

What I didn't include on my 2019 list is that I'm actually really proud of myself not only for the achievements but for having the courage to give it all a go in the first place. What if fear of failure was the thing that was stopping you from getting started on your own list? What if you're reading this also knowing that you were meant for more? What if you know exactly what I mean when I say that I wasn’t unhappy but I wasn’t happy either?

Something else that doesn't fit neatly into the 2019 list is my current challenge, my Mission for March is to help as many people as possible  to realise that they are meant for more and start believing in themselves. I’ll be sharing how I went from having a pretty boring life to creating a life I love without giving up the day job. Most importantly, I’ll be sharing the techniques needed to conquer that voice in your head that tells you that you can’t. If this sounds exactly like something you need then hit the box below to find out more.

There is no perfect time to start. You will never feel “ready” but if you’ve made it to the end of this post then I would love for you to use this post as inspiration and start working towards your next adventure.

Lucy x