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My Fitness Programme - Transform

Since September last year I've been chatting everything food and fitness over in the Fit Hub, a private Facebook group that I set up so that women could chat about health and fitness without feeling judged. I never anticipated what would happen next and that the group would be filled with hundreds of women from all over the world who would each support each other by asking and answering questions.

The aim of the Fit Hub was, and still is, to provide a central area where people can chat and find real information. Instagram is great for motivation but all too often we see a post and maybe leave a comment but there's no structure there or BTS as to how to make the recipe or complete the workout. Plus, all too often the video and writing in the post aren't actually correct, the exercises work the areas people say they do and they aren't being performed properly (mountain climbers!!! I am not a fan!) It makes me so angry that people put up "workouts" without structure and without the proper qualifications to teach what they are showing. I know I feel this way because I'm a lawyer and wanting to always share evidence based content but its not just that, I genuinely want other women to get results.

How Two Months to Transform came about

I knew that I couldn't take on a project like this by myself. For one I didn't have the requisite skillset - I didn't become a qualified personal trainer until later that year - and I wanted to ensure that people felt well looked after with their questions answered promptly.  I do have a full-time job as a lawyer and that always comes first. I'd know Hannah Wilson for about 18 months and knew that her approach of empowering women with knowledge to get results was aligned with mine. I guess the rest just sort of snowballed.

It became clear that most of the ladies in the Fit Hub didn't want quick fixes or temporary weight loss diets. They were sick and tired of jumping on the latest diet or weight loss and feeling low on energy. They were looking for something more than just to shed a few pounds for a summer holiday. We set about creating Transform.

Transform Online Women's Training Programme

The Programme - Two Months to Transform

It might weird but it was actually super simple to create Transform. The programme works because it isn't overly complicated and gets results because it's easy to stick to and because we're there every step of the way!

In discussions about how we could best help women Hannah and I chatted about the e-book model. Sure we could sell a few hundred books at £30 a time and make a load of money but would that actually get women results? I am super lucky to not be just another girl on Instagram trying to make money and instead I can actually put helping people front and centre. Plus if I'm honest I know where my skills lie. I'm good at breaking things down and helping people see that they can achieve something. With that I knew I wanted to coach people and chat to people about why certain workouts get results and focus on mindset work too. Hannah and I both knew that we had so much more to offer than just telling people what workouts to do. Anyone can download workouts online.

Instead we put together a hybrid programme of online and in person training. We set up a secret facebook group dedicated to the women on Two Months To Transform. From there we led Live workouts. Twice a week Hannah and I would lead the workouts live with training tips and motivation. Plus they acted as great accountability tools for the ladies as they commented with questions if they were there live or added comments if they had done the workout later.

For ALL the details, head over to the website:

The secrets to success

Transform focusses on three pillars: nutrition, movement and mindset; with recipe meal cards, workouts for the week and chats and debates on how mindset can have a big impact not just on weight loss but on achieving any goal we set.

In addition to live workouts Hannah and I would also pop into the group with shorter live chats about anything the girls needed help with from what to do for a warm to how to best juggle healthy living without feeling overwhelmed. Although there is lots of support available it wasn't constant overwhelm of information. Both Hannah and I have full time jobs so although we were always around to help the course isn't too intense.

Get Involved

Transform is definitely not just about weight loss it's about looking at life from a perspective where you can achieve what you set out to do.

Why am I telling you all this? Well because I want you to join the next round of Transform. For a little over £12 a week I want you to finally say no to faddy diets and wanting to feel better about your body. I want to help you to realise that you do not need to workout 5 or 6 times to get results. You don't need to deprive yourself of the foods you love, in fact we actively encourage you not to cut out your favourite foods. Research shows that as soon as you deprive yourself of the foods you love that's all you crave. We want to show you how to nourish your body with foods you enjoy and to train smart. If you can commit to 8 weeks of the Transform programme then I'd love you to join in. Head over to or just drop me a message on social or via

Lucy x

P.S. I came back to add that pressing "Publish" on this post was so exciting!

Transform Online Women's Training Programme