Vitality Move - A 10k with friends

Last weekend I took part in an event with a difference. It was in my home town at Chatsworth, just on the edge of the Peak District and instead of running alone I was surrounded by my friends and family.

You might remember that I met Jessica Ennis-Hill earlier this year (you can read my interview with Jess here) well the day meeting Jess was in advance of her new event with Vitality Health called Vitality Move. The event was a festival of running with not just one event and then everyone goes home but a much more interactive event for the whole family, even my dog Gatsby was allowed to attend.

The course itself was a little tricky, I opted to run the 5k with my sister Sam first, her first ever 5k and then the 10k with my boyfriend Andy, his first ever running race/10k. I had also roped in my best friend Rachel to run too but in between signing up and race day she found out she was pregnant but still took part and walked the route. Go Rach!

What made this event different?

What did my family think?

I must be open and say that I didn't pay for my race entry and neither did my family but here are their unedited views:

Would I go again next year?

Yes! I love Chatsworth and it is the perfect venue for an event like this. I loved that my whole family got involved, some of my wider family were there too and loads of old friends from school. It was so much more than any other 10k race and I really hope they repeat the event next year. They are also running a similar event in the South of the UK so keep an eye on the website for details about that.

Lucy x