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Hello and Welcome

I am so thrilled that you’ll be joining me for the next month where we’ll work together to look at your life as it is now and take positive steps to turning it into something you love even more. Whether you’re looking to gain confidence to take on your first big challenge or an adventure of a lifetime OR you just feel ready to take your life in a different direction then the next month is going to be incredibly exciting.

Course Format 

Each week we will cover a single topic. You’ll get a short video to guide you and a short workbook to progress through at your own pace to help action the tips and advice. Each mini-workbook is designed to take no longer than 30 minutes to complete each week. This will help you to take active steps towards making positive changes.

In addition to the weekly topic there will also be 28 mini daily challenges. The idea behind the daily challenges is to help you think outside the box and get creative in the way you face things. The challenges will be things that you can easily incorporate into daily life and they are a fantastic place to start to help you build up to something bigger.

I’ll be with you every step of the way. We can talk via social media or via email on

Course Content

WEEK ONE - Managing Fear and How to Get out of Your Own Way

WEEK TWO - How to Create a Life you Love, Even When You Don’t Know Where To Start

WEEK THREE - Tools for Success; Strategies to Improve Discipline, Self-Belief, Confidence and Resilience and Learn how to overcome failure

WEEK FOUR - Finding Your Challenge and The Confidence To Start - Including a 30 minute 1-2-1 with Lucy.

Welcome Video

Buddy Scheme

If you’re looking for a little extra accountability we’ll be running a buddy programme. You’ll be paired with another member of the course and you can support each other throughout.

Week One

WEEK ONE - Managing Fear and How to Get out of Your Own Way

This week we’re focussing on fear and how to manage it. I’m sharing my tools to help you put fear in the back seat and to help remove barriers to allow you to create space for something new.

Download the workbook for week one by clicking here.

Watch the video for this week below or by clicking here.

Find the first week of daily challenges below and download the PDF to save here.

Week Two

WEEK TWO - How to create a life that you love

We’ve worked on fear and removing barriers now it’s time to start creating something positive. Watch the video below or by clicking the link here to find your way and your road map.

Once you’ve done that download this week’s workbook and start planning your Perfect Day!


Inspirational quotes and motivational stories are great but they only take you so far. This week we are working on taking inspired action and focusing on actionable ideas to develop your skills in order to progress closer to your goals.

Firstly I recommend watching the video below as I explain in detail my top recommended steps to help you transform whichever area of your life you are focusing on.

This week’s workbook can be downloaded here.

Week One I Can  & I Am
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Week 3 Challenge.png