Living In the Weekend - Create Your Trail

Living In the Weekend - Create Your Trail

Last week a parcel arrived and not only did it contain Merrell's latest shoes but also a challenge #CreateYourTrail

If you could go off the beaten track and #CreateYourTrail where would you go?

With a week on the North East coast planned I knew just the perfect place. A few miles North from where we were staying in Bamburgh and a few miles South of the Scotland/England border lies Holy Island. The island is accessible via a causeway which is only above water at certain times of the day. With the threat of being stranded on the island and it being pretty quiet and remote in December I knew this would be the perfect place to take on the challenge to #CreateYourTrail

Before I launch into the Trail which I created I think that this would be the perfect project for #LivingInTheWeekend Instead of following routes from guidebooks or well worn trails why not explore somewhere new and Create Your Own Trail next weekend?


We reached the island at low tide at around 10am and checked the tide times. We had until 2pm to explore and get off the island until the causeway got covered again by water and we got stuck there for another 6 hours.

Instead of doing the usual planning and working out a route, for this challenge I didn't plan a route. We just walked. I had a vague idea that we could follow the coast line a bit in order to take in the awesome views but I didn't want to overplan it. All to often these days we are tracking routes on maps or on our phones and we forget to look up and just go with the flow. To truly create my own trail I wanted to take a route which was my own and not a prepared or guided walk.


As we set off we headed through the village and onto the beach and attempted to walk across the bay. I ended up in sinking sand and almost got stuck quickly Christening my new Chamelon 7s and nearly getting myself stranded.


Back on dry land again we headed past the castle which is undergoing a massive regeneration and followed the coastline. The views were incredible and it was so peaceful with no-one else around.

We followed the coastline and tracked along the edge of the cliffs and up and down a path across the dunes. Just when we needed it to a path appeared which we guessed headed back inland.

I'm pleased to report that we made it back to the village in time for a quick stop in the pub for lunch and back to the car with 5 minutes to spare before the cut off time to get back to the main island.

Taking in the views of the Newcastle coast from Holy Island with Gatsby

Taking in the views of the Newcastle coast from Holy Island with Gatsby

As far as the shoes go the Chameleon 7s were perfect for uneven and challenging terrain. For exploring I love that they have an ankle support rather than just your regular shoe as it provides extra protection against rolling your ankle. I find that knowing I have a bit of extra support and shoes that have good grip allows me to take a leap or route without having to second guess my kit. The shoes are also a lot lighter than my hiking boots which made a really nice change and lighter shoes is good when you are on your feet all day. The shoes are available in orange and green and you can order your pair exclusively from Go Outdoors.

I was gifted a pair of Merrell Chameleon 7s and simply challenged to #CreateYourTrail The content of this piece and the views expressed within it are my own.