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Two Months To Transform


If you've tried all of the diets in the book

You've tried the diets that didn't make the book

and you've even tried eating the book

(AND it tasted better than most of the diets)

Then this programme is for you


what would it feel like to you to ...

  • Be able to eat the foods you love without worrying about putting on weight?
  • Know the most effective workouts to help you tone-up or lose-weight?
  • Lose the overwhelm about which foods to eat when?
  • Have more energy to use for doing the things you love?


What would it feel like if we told you that this is possible?

ALL of the above is possible with Two Months To Transform. And we're going to show you how... 


How can we help?

Hi there
We're Hannah and Lucy and we work with women to help them to break the diet and binge cycle, stop worrying about what to eat and which exercises to do and help them to get long-lasting, sustainable results. We specialise in helping real women to get real results. We have helped women who have become frustrated, depressed, overweight, tired and only a memory of the woman they want to be to take back their lives and feel fit, strong and sexy. We give women their sparkle back. 
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Every few weeks we see new recommendations to cut out carbs/fat/sugar in order to lose weight and it doesn't stop there. We feel like women are regularly bombarded by celebrities endorsing a skinny tea or weight loss shake. Celebrities promote methods which might provide short term weight loss because they involve swapping real food for a strict low calorie diet but it's a plan which is totally unsustainable and impossible to apply to real life. Life which requires a well fuelled body and mind to go to work, to enjoy family life, to live. 
Sometimes life happens. Family life takes priority, work and career progression becomes your focus and we know how that feels. Although we are both qualified Personal Trainers, Hannah is a mum of two young children and Lucy is a solicitor in the City. We know that there are more important things than getting in a 7am workout or eating kale for dinner. We also know how it feels to realise that you aren't living your full potential but that you feel too overwhelmed to know where to start to put it right.
That's why we created Two Months To Transform, we want to help women to feel good in their own skin because when a women feels confident her whole life changes. We were tired of seeing faddy fitness trends which recommend under-eating and over-exercising so we put together a unique course in which we guide you the whole way.
Lucy says: In our programme you don't just download an e-book and get sent away for 12 weeks. We know that doesn't really get results as there is no-one to hold you accountable. In Transform, Hannah and I will be leading the workouts live from a private member's group. We will go through the workout with you, you'll be able to see how we perform the moves, the timings and how to make them easier or harder. 

Hannah says: All too often fitness guides promote food restriction and deprivation and recommend low calorie diets which just don't fuel real life and instead leave women feeling miserable and hungry. Our plan is different. Each week Transform members will be sent nutritional guides and recipe cards with nutrient dense and yummy meals. There are also weekly group calls where we chat about what will work for each woman and share why and how they can make small changes in their diets to get big results. 

We are so passionate about this course and we cannot wait for you to Transform with us.


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We're helping women to feel fit, strong and sexy. we're giving women back their sparkle. 


Two Months To Transform is our signature programme designed to help you succeed and live your best life. Instead of feeling a little bit frumpy and constantly tired Two Months To Transform will provide you with an exercise and nutrition programme which actually works in real life.

Firstly, here's what we won't do:

  • ban you from eating your favourite foods
  • suggest you train in a gym 6/7 times a week
  • put you on a diet of chicken and rice
  • give you a programme which is restrictive and doesn't work for your lifestyle

Women who join Two Months To Transform can look forward to:

  • eating a diet packed with foods that they enjoy
  • not feeling restricted or deprived of their favourite foods (we're thinking chocolate and wine)
  • exercising in a way which suits them
  • feeling stronger and getting more muscle tone
  • finally saying goodbye to the years of yo-yo dieting

How is Two Months To Transform different to every other programme?

  • instead of just getting an electronic download, you'll get us - that's right - we will be guiding you through the whole two months, there will be:
    • twice weekly guided workouts delivered live
    • weekly live calls providing discussion and debate on 'breaking the diet cycle', 'finding a sustainable recipe for change' 'building the best version of you'
    • a secret Facebook group with daily support
  • you'll receive weekly workout plans
  • you'll also receive weekly nutrition plans
  • you will transform your body and your mind and get a lifestyle reset

Whereas in some online courses you join a big group of women and get lost as just a number, Transform has a strict small group limit. You will have the support of the group of women on the same programme intake as you and in addition you will be assigned under the support of either Hannah or Lucy and they will personally support you in reaching your goals. Your life will transform.

We will help you to reach your goals whatever they might be. You might dream of running a half marathon or you might want to lose the dread of putting on a bikini each summer.

Perhaps your goal is to get ready for drinks with the girls and be able to fit into all of your old dresses. 

Two Months To Transform is an 8 week programme like no other. It's a hybrid of 1-2-1 coaching and group training.


Are you ready to transform?

Make 2018 your year for just

£285 for 8 weeks

Got a question?

Here are a few things that women we work with often ask. If you have any more questions then feel free to drop Lucy an email here.


I have a really busy lifestyle will I be able to take this on?

One of the unique features of Two Months To Transform is that we have specifically created it for women who have demanding lifestyles, who are short on time and for whom fitness may not be their main priority but they still want to look and feel great. We have a no-nonsense approach, we don't waste your time with trendy workouts but instead give you movements that target key areas and allow you to train in a functional and effective manner.


Will it work for me?

Yes. If you follow our advice and guidance and implement the steps then you will get results. Whilst we don't advocate cutting out any food groups or any of your favourite foods, you will need to follow our advice on quantities and exercise.  Even we haven't worked out a strategy to allow you to sit around eating cake all day and still lose weight. 


I've seen workout guides for much less online, what makes you programme so special?

You're totally right you can get eBooks for £4.99 or $7 but they are very different. Two Months To Transform will offer you guidance and education (but in a fun way). Transform is way more interactive than just an eBook and with two coaches you're already getting double the guidance and advice. When we priced up Transform we knew that we could charge in the region of £1,000 for the programme based on the value in the programme. We then further considered the price that women would pay to be free from the diet and binge cycle and we knew that the programme could easily fetch in excess of £1,000. We then thought about real women, women with careers, mortgages and families and realised that if we had £1,000 we would probably spend it on our families not on ourselves and prioritising our health. We therefore decided to price the course at a figure which was affordable but which also meant there was an investment and commitment level. 


There are personal trainers at my gym, I was thinking of going with them, what's the difference?

Two Months To Transform is a unique programme because it blends 1-2-1 training with a group programme. We know from experience that a group of women training together helps to build momentum and confidence. Not only will you have access to two personal trainers instead of one but you also have a network of women who are on a similar journey. 


I need to lose weight quickly - can I speed things up?

We will work with you to create a realistic exercise and nutrition programme to help you reach your goals. We do not promote or recommend weight loss pills or meal replacement shakes. This is based on experience and scientific evidence which concludes that short term extreme dieting often leads to rebounding and weight gain. 


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