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Me and my dog Gatsby in Greenwich

Me and my dog Gatsby in Greenwich

What a view! Greenwich Park, London

What a view! Greenwich Park, London

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My Story

After years of trial of error; under-eating, over-eating, working out too much and letting my whole world become focussed around food and fitness I realised something had to change.

How on earth was I going to achieve that?

I was a working full-time as lawyer. Long days in the office with an hour commute each way (more when there was a problem with the trains) meant I was constantly exhausted. I’d get in from work, eat half a packet of biscuits whilst I looked longingly into the fridge absolutely disheartened about “healthy eating”. I really didn’t want to go to the gym. I wanted to put on my pyjamas, sit on my sofa, drink wine and eat cheese.

At the same time, I didn’t want this life at all.

I wanted to feel good in my own skin. I wanted to be able to go on a night out and not have to decide my outfit based on which clothes didn’t force me to breathe in all night.

If you've tried all of the diets in the book,
you've tried the diets out the book,
you've even tried eating the book
(and it tasted better than most of the diets)
then my Method is for you.


My approach is specifically designed for women who aren’t just looking to feel comfortable in their own skin, they want to feel confident, sexy, like they can take on the world. I work with you either in person or as an online trainer and will programme the workouts to fit around your schedule and get you results so that you can see changes in as little as 4 weeks.

I do not believe in extreme dieting or over exercising and will help you to work towards long-lasting results. The workouts average 30 minutes with some aiming to be fun and some a bit of a challenge. You’ll finish the sessions feeling energized and empowered.

Forget the diets and any restrictive eating. I will never ban you from eating the foods you love but will teach you HOW to make what you eat healthier so that you don’t get bored and slip back into unhealthy habits.

What it is and what it isn’t

My method is not a quick fix. If you’re looking for extreme dieting and cutting out all the foods you love and going to the gym 5 times a week then this is not for you.

If you’re looking to make long-lasting changes and finally fall in love with your body, if you’re to break the binge-eating cycle and transform your mindset to a positive outlook then I’m your girl.

My Method is for women who don't have hours to spend in the gym each week or in the kitchen making complicated dishes with ingredients you can't pronounce. This is a plan for real life women, women who want to look and feel great, who want to say 'yes' to social occasions without having to worry about whether any of their clothes will fit.  


This All sounds great, how much is it going to cost?

In order to get you the best results we will need to work together for at least 90 days. In that time you will see changes and feel them too. You’ll go from hiding behind black frumpy outfits and avoiding going swimming or wearing beautiful clothes, to strutting your stuff in your favourite dresses making people do a double take!

You’ll get:

  • Weekly training workouts and guidance - workouts will include a mixture of workout cards and live-led videos to follow along in your own time.

  • Nutrition guidance - inspiration for healthy meals and guidance on how to implement healthy eating on the go, juggling it around work and how to avoid mid-afternoon slumps and that urge to get home and eat the contents of your fridge.

  • Regular check-ins via Whats-app to keep motivation high and ask questions,.

  • A weekly accountability call where we can see what’s going right, many any changes and

Available in blocks of 3 monthly bundles, starting at £120 per month.

To get started fill in the boxes below and I will send over more details.

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